Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thriving at home...

Hello Carola, Ruthie is doing just fine. She is so loving, always wagging her tail and giving us kisses, plus she still does that little nip. Her skin is fine. She weighs about 35 pounds, and is thin and very active. Ruthie is always on the go, she loves our big backyard and hunts for the squirrels. She gets very close to catching them.

Here are some recent photos. Bailey and Ruthie already have their Halloween costumes. Since Terry is a policeofficer, when I was at Target I bought them both police uniforms. She greetss our neighbors and friends and they all noticed the difference in her from the 6 months ago when we got her. We love her very much, my kids say she is spoiled, and I agree, she is.She is right next to me as I write to you. She follows me everywhere.

We had her at our friends house last week to watch football. She was out in their backyard and their neighbor asked me if she was a "SHOW" dog. I said, NO, but I asked why he thought that. His response was, she walks like on. I told him she is "OUR SHOW DOG" The pics are of her favorite spot. She is on the couch that faces the window, and she looks out all the time.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ruthie is doing well

Her new family reports:

Ruthie is doing just fine. She is so lovable and sweet. We are very grateful we have her. She has adjusted well, she loves going outside and has noticed her first squirrel. I cannot wait until we can sit outside all day so she can see and chase the birds and squirrel's. We let her have the house at night, she is only in the crate for about 3 hours a day when we are all at work and school. That's is when she sleep's and get's her energy ready for Bailey. They play so well together. We also had "Sophie" over for 5 days, she is also a Golder Retreiver like Bailey. Sophie is about 12 years old and she taught Bailey alot and now Bailey is teaching Ruthie. All 3 of them play well together. We are so lucky we received so a good girl.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Update from Ruthie's new family!

Ruthie is slowly adjusting and we are letting her set her pace. She still is a little shy and runs to her kennel for comfort. She is so loving, always kissing and wagging that tail when she is out. Last night her and Bailey were playing tug of war. She was pulling Bailey as Bailey just layed there, we are so proud of Bailey being so gentle with her, kind of like a mothering instinct besides being big sister. Ruthie loves the outside and snow. We received about 8 inches yesterday and last night. Terry is home from work today, so she will get alot of attention. What a beautiful little girl!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ruthie's first day in her new home!

Carola, Ruthie is so sweet, we fell in love with her the minute she came through our door. She was very tired at first, then we took her outside with Bailey and they both were running around the pool, at least 10 laps. She sure is a cuddler. Her tail wags constantly. They both chased each other with the stick. She also adjusted very well to the kennel. She walked right in. Bailey has been very gentle with her, like she knows she is a little sister. We are all very happy with her. Thank you so much. She is in a very good home and will be loved and spoiled. I will also keep in touch.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ruthie meets her new family

All of Ruthie's nervousness during her little transport fell away when she met her new family. You can see this little girl will be spoiled---and has a big sister, Bailey, who will play with her and wear this little energy bundle out.
Ruthie settled in nicely for a good nap in her new home.

Ruthie's last evening, before her big day.

Ruthie didn't know her big day was arriving. The evening before she chewed on her favorite rawhide....
...and took one last nappy with foster daddy---who will miss this little cutiepie very much...
...and Ruthie had sweet dreams.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ruthie can be quite the little lady---when she's resting after playtime.
She curls up on her own...
...or finds a furry body to snuggle up to. Here it's IBR foster boy Wills she cuddles with.

Ruthie---the "play" girl

Ruthie loves to wrestle. When it's not her brother Reggie, she'll find somebody else.
Here she has a fun wrestle-match with Ginger.
Ruthie is such a curious little girl, as foster daddy makes funny sounds with the "trumpet"

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ruthie and Reggie are very close right now. They like to cuddle up together when they sleep, they love to wrestle and lay down and chew on the same rawhide. Usually it's recommended that littermates are not kept together--however, in this case I think it would work out if they would go to the same family. Both pups have been extremely nice with one another and I've not seen squabbles and aggression among them. However, they will also do fine if adopted separately. They will probably develop their individual personality more this way, as Ruthie will likely become more outgoing and Reggie---who is such a gentleman that he takes second place in getting cuddles from his humans, would likely get more attention. Both pups definitely have a sweet disposition, with Ruthie getting a bit puppy hyper at times during play, but you can calm her very easily.

Ruthie loves the outdoors

Ruthie loves to romp outside, though she likes it when you go outside with her. She races around with brother Reggie and looked on in amazement when I blew some bubbles for one of my other setters who likes to chase after them and pop them. She looked so cute trying to snap at a few herself, but many times is approaching so slowly that they pop before she reaches one.

Ruthie is a great little girl!!

Ruthann- Little Ruthie was born 9/28/06 and was surrendered with her littermate Reginald to a shelter in Kansas. Ruthie is a dainty, sweet, cuddly puppy girl that currently weighs 20 lbs. She is likely a Llewellin setter, has a cute, angelic face and chestnut brown eyes.
Ruthie loves to snuggle into your lap on the couch, loves to wrestle with brother Reggie, or anybody else that’s willing to get into the game, and loves rawhide chews, rope toys and squeaky balls. This little girl is still all puppy and a bit mouthy, though we are working on that. She’s easily re-directed to nibble on a toy instead of your hands. She’s very curious and tries to put her paws on the counter to see what foster mommy might be doing up there in the kitchen.

She’s a bit shy when meeting strangers, but when encouraged, goes up readily to visit with guests and snuggles in. Ruthie is willingly going into the crate when lured in with a treat and lies quietly, if she’s had some exercise and playtime. She should be easily to housebreak, as she’s shown us that she loves to go potty outside. We do make sure to get her outside right when waking, after a meal, after vigorous play and usually every 45 minutes when we’re home. She’s learned our doggie door quickly, but we do remind her to go out, as sometimes she doesn't want to go out in the yard by herself. She's had very few potty accidents and has been keeping her crate clean when we’re gone from home.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puppy girl Ruthie has arrived safely!

Ruthie has arrived safely with brother Reggie after a long trip from Kansas and loads of dedicated volunteers driving both puppies across the country on two days.